No-code app using Google Appsheet

Abhishek Sharma
3 min readAug 3, 2022


AppSheet is an applications development platform that lets anyone to build the app without any coding experience. Using Appsheet the developers can generates apps for web, iOS, and Android. AppSheet supports spreadsheet formulas, filter expressions, and bots defined with expressions and diagrams, giving it much of the functionality of low-code app builders.

It supports many data and service integrations, including some non-traditional data sources such as a Google Drive folder treated as a table also supports multiple data sources like Google Bigquery, Cloud SQL, Excel Sheets, Salesforce and other similar connectors.

Key Features

Intelligent document processing : Leverage the power of Google Cloud Document AI to automatically extract data from unstructured sources like W-9s and receipts to run processes more efficiently.

Data change events : Configure bots to detect data changes on work in concert with external sources, such as Google Sheets and salesforce, to trigger processes and approvals.

Modularity : Create automation bots from completely reusable components — events, processes, and tasks.

Seamless connectivity : Connect directly with APIs, data sources, webhooks, and legacy software, or use data export to export, back up, or sync application data with external platforms.

Key Component

AppSheet Automation is a robust extension of AppSheet’s no-code platform that enables you to automate common business processes and document-based workflows. The picture below shows the key components of the Appsheet.

Bot : Defines the automation you want AppSheet to run.

Event : Identifies the data change or schedule that triggers the bot.

Process : Describes the set of steps performed when the bot is triggered.

A step can, run a task or data action, branch on a condition, wait for a condition or period of time, call a process, or return values

Task :Defines a task-based step in a process, such as send an email.

Action : Defines an action-based step in a process, such as add an entry to a table.

Document processing : Allows you to automatically extract useful content from document files that are stored as PDF, GIF, PNG, JPEG or TIFF files.


Appsheet provides us flexibility to explore the AppSheet platform and test our apps with up to 10 users at no cost and when we’re ready, sign up for a plan and deploy your apps to the rest of your team.

They have 4 plans :

  1. Starter : $5 USD / user / month
  2. Core : $10 USD / user / month
  3. Enterprise Standard : You need to request a quote and the sales person will contact.
  4. Enterprise Plus : You need to request a quote and the sales person will contact.

Designing the App

Appsheet provides a lot of templates that you can use and modify as per your requirement. Even if you select the data in the templates provided, it will automatically adopt the application as per the data. Here is the link for the templates provided.

Resources to get you started on creating the app on Appsheet :

Feeling excited to use this platform? In the next article, will demo how to create a simple app.